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The core of almost every decent video game's story is conflict. Whether it's the fierce hand-to-hand hoops of NBA Jam, the brutal martial arts murder of Mortal Kombat, or DOOM's

a0044669879 10 - Holon - Trust the Machine

The dark cyborg Holon is back with an exquisitely atmospheric synth album, “Trust The Machine.” Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Holon’s sound is an interesting mix of cyberpunk and industrial synthwave with

a0722695938 10 - DEADLIFE - Strands Unravel

An ethereal, melancholic echo drifts in and out

maxresdefault - Dreams of Getaway Love – Diving into Carly Rae Jepsen’s E•MO•TION

With the resurgence of eighties pop-culture having marked a fair share of the last decade, the Retrowave community has come to expand and thrive as a fully-fledged postmodernist subculture. Bonded

a0682739271 10 - Astral Tales - The Last Resplendent

“The Last Resplendent” is the latest album from the awesome cinematic retrosynth producer Astral Tales! “The Last Resplendent” signals the end to the Red Iris Saga – with Red Iris being

Sung Monster

Two short years ago Sung released “Fahrenheit”- his first full-length album after four EPs and more than five years of synthwave production. All that time spent refining his signature sound