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T.S. Founder and CEO/ Editor in CHief

A lover of 80's breakbeat, Freestyle, Power ballads and 80's classic rock. Also a lover of 80's culture in general. He aims to share the retro sound with as many people as possible. Currently does research on Pulmonary Disease/ Lung Cancer.

Sam HaiNe, Movie Editor

photo Credit:i Sam Haine

photo Credit:i Sam Haine

Sam Haine is simply a writer born on the East Coast who enjoys cooking. He is the contributor of the monthly Retro Movie Review and the recurring ‘Remember This…’ column. He is the creator and writer of Hainesville (, has released three spoken word albums + one Electro-house single, and provides Cult Fiction to Cult Classic Goods. At times he can be seen haunting the isles of a comic book shop and other times traveling about between here and out there somewhere in the United States, smacking the bottom of a pack of Camel blue. He is currently working on his first collection of short stories. 


Filip Galetic, Music Editor

Filip Galetic

Filip Galetic

Filip grew up on a diet of Masters of Universe, Nightmare on Elm Street and MTV. Born in Croatia, currently lives in Brussels but considers himself a citizen of the planet. Eagerly awaiting 2015 to try out self tying shoes and the hoverboard.



Bryan Eddy, Gaming editor

Bryan Eddy

Bryan Eddy

Bryan Eddy is Editor and Content Creator for NRW Gaming. He loves D&D, the PC Engine, 1989-93, vaporwave, old advertisements, and powerful thunderstorms.  In addition to his articles, you can find his videos for NRW Gaming over on the YouTube Channel.



Joey Edsall, graphic novel editor

Joey Edsall

Joey Edsall was born and raised near Scranton, Pennsylvania. He has always immersed himself in art, being an avid fan of film and music. In addition to the electronic production aspect of music, he is the lead guitarist of Scranton-based post-hardcore band Give Us Your Bones.  It was his love of film that initially drew Joey to NRW and the unique sounds of the genre, through modern classics like Drive and retro classics like  Big Trouble in Little China. He is also a middle school English teacher and his short fiction has appeared in In Parentheses and so glad is my heart.

Photo by Amanda Dittmar


Twitter: @JoeyEdsall

Rhys Pearce, Music Editor

Rhys Pearce

Rhys Pearce

Rhys Pearce is a Musician and Writer from the United Kingdom, with a number of years experience writing for a host of Websites and Zines, as well as recording and touring in bands himself. 

When asked to tell us about his love for the 80s, he goes on to say, 

"I remember the first time I ever watched the movie 'Risky Business', it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen! There was something I instantly found captivating about the films imagery in combination with the soundtrack by Tangerine Dream. That experience definitely served as a foundation on which my love for the 1980s was built....I've been an aficionado of the retro scene ever since."

In whatever spare time he has left, Rhys manages an Ocean Conservation group entitled, 'Swim Free', of which he founded himself in 2012.The non-profit group raises money and educates people on Ocean based charities and campaigns.


Dahrkael, Mobile Developer/ Programmer

I’m from Spain, programmer since my early teens (mostly videogame-related), love electronic music (specially chiptunes, NRW, eurobeat) and I’m nostalgic of arcades filled with colorful cabinets.


Christopher Fried

Andrew Zistler

Joseph Geurts




Photo Credit:  OverGlow

Photo Credit:  OverGlow

YEAR 2086.
The human race, as you know it, no longer exists.
In the first decades of the XXI century, a minimalism trend
fascinated mankind, prompting it to seek simplicity
and essentially in every aspect of life.
Human existence began a process of refinement,
eliminating everything that could be defined useless.
It was the dawn of a New Era, where "less" was "more"


Sepe Design

Illustrator & videographer based in Barcelona.



Sam Todhunter

Graphic Illustrator based in Orange County, CA


Ariel Zucker

Graphic Artist based in NYC