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Ten. S

Founder and CEO/CFO/ Editor in Chief

A lover of 80’s breakbeat, Freestyle, Power ballads and 80’s classic rock. Also a lover of 80’s culture in general. He aims to share the new retro sound with as many people as possible. Formerly was a Research Specialist in Pulmonary Disease/ Lung Cancer prevention.

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Sam HaiNe

Movie Editor

Sam Haine is simply a writer born on the East Coast who enjoys cooking. He is the contributor of the monthly Retro Movie Review and the recurring ‘Remember This…’ column. He is the creator and writer of Hainesville (facebook.com/allhailming), has released three spoken word albums + one Electro-house single, and provides Cult Fiction to Cult Classic Goods. At times he can be seen haunting the isles of a comic book shop and other times traveling about between here and out there somewhere in the United States, smacking the bottom of a pack of Camel blue. He is currently working on his first collection of short stories.

email: sam.haine@newretrowave.com

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Bryan Eddy

Gaming Editor

Bryan Eddy, aka Culture Brain, aka the Phantasmal Thrilla, is the mouse on a treadmill you see when you open up NRW Gaming and look inside. It is said that his eyes are full of madness, so avert your gaze and be content with videos and articles. Bryan lives a hermit-like existence in Raleigh, NC.

Email: bryan.eddy@newretrowave.com

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Joey Edsall

Graphic Novel Editor

Joey Edsall was born and raised near Scranton, Pennsylvania. He has always immersed himself in art, being an avid fan of film and music. In addition to the electronic production aspect of music, he is the lead guitarist of Scranton-based post-hardcore band Give Us Your Bones.  It was his love of film that initially drew Joey to NRW and the unique sounds of the genre, through modern classics like Drive and retro classics like Big Trouble in Little China. He is also a middle school English teacher and his short fiction has appeared in In Parentheses and so glad is my heart.

Twitter: @JoeyEdsall

Email: joey.edsall@newretrowave.com

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Andrew Zistler

Music Editor

Born in a rural Rust Belt town, Andrew Zistler was raised on moldy books, dial-up internet and old VHS tapes of long-canceled Saturday morning cartoons.

Eventually Andrew traded the middle of nowhere for a jungle of concrete, where he now works as a freelance journalist and web producer.

An ardent admirer of the written word and electronic music, Andrew began his love affair with all things retro wave after discovering a certain heady blend of “mid-fi-synth-wave-slow-motion-funk” in late 2010.

Email: andrew.zistler@newretrowave.com

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Steven Wilcoxson

Retrowave Song Editor

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Robin Ono

Interview Editor

Robin is a writer born and raised in the small country of Luxemburg.
Eurasian, raised English and schooled in the french educational system, the task of figuring out which olympic team to root for triggers a deep, harrowing existential crisis in his soul. Over the years, his go-to response when asked about his origins has come to be funnelled down into a single phrase:
“I am basically a white man dipped in soy sauce”.

Having spent most of his childhood years nesting in the solace of video games and Cartoon Network, his interest would later become fixated on the record collection left behind by his elder siblings. His passion-turned-obsession for newfound musical and artistic subcultures is now channeled through his output as a freelance contributor and journalist, writing articles and conducting interviews for both English and French-speaking written media.

Email: robin.ono@newretrowave.com

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Mike Belshaw

Retro Motor Editor


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Abraham Aguero

Creative Director & Graphic Designer

Creative Director and partner at Kluge, founder of Retrowave VR

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NRW Mix/ Mixtape DJ

I it AM (AKA Matt Deimos) is a UK based producer and DJ. Having produced underground, urban dance music for over 2 decades, DJ’ing came quite late for I it AM giving his sets a slightly different flavour to more established DJs. An almost outsiders ear to his always live mixes. Having grown up to the sounds of Brad Fiedel and Jan Hammer, I it AM is in his element when mixing for New Retro Wave, “I feel so lucky to be working with the best music in the genre when recording these sets. It’s truly a privilege to be mixing for New Retro Wave.”

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Sam Todhunter

Art Director

Sam Todhunter is an illustrator, graphic designer, 3D sculptor, and comic artist from Orange County, California. He is mostly known for his iconic work on Magnatron (NRW Records) as well as many synthwave album covers, but has also worked on independent film posters, game box art, and comic titles published by Anomaly Productions and Image Comics. As a huge fan of 80’s sci-fi and action movies, he discovered the synthwave music genre in 2015, and has been doing tons of retro-inspired work ever since. He lives a happy, calm life by the ocean, obsessing over art and music… and Robocop.

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