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With its scintillating synth melody, high-speed night drifts and

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After debuting at #5 on the  Billboard Electronic Album

Taxon Lazare Goodbye Nostalgia Прощай, ностальгия

Coming straight from Eastern Siberia (Ulan Ude, Russia) is



IMG 0699 - An Interview with Author & Punisher

Author & Punisher is a industrial synth artist hailing from San Diego, California - and easily put on one of the most interesting shows I have seen in years. Sporting a masters in kinetic sculpture, all of his gear is hand-made. Dredging an abyss of machinery for his eclectic sounds -

RN1 5435 small - Interview - Keeping it classy with Ollie Wride

Fans of FM-84 and retroheads with a sweet-tooth for strong, gripping male pop singers, NewRetroWave Records has got your Wride for the summer. His first name is Ollie, and you most likely know him as the voice you’ve heard on FM-84’s now classic Atlas record. Now a Full-time member of

GosT 1 - An Interview With GosT

GosT recently took the stage in Columbus, Ohio as part of the 3Teeth Metatour. The venue was absolutely packed, and GosT opened while the sun set still red in the distance. After an absolutely stunning performance mixing old and new music alike, we were able to catch up with him

Z0A5145 - Face to face with Danger at Retro Future Fest

A quiet introvert by day and Black Mage by night, Franck has been leading the unsuspecting double life of a masked superhero for the past fourteen years with his alter ego known as Danger. Cited as a major influence and precursor by many of the heavyweight acts in the Synthwave

25298985 879406592218518 7734056033786302150 n - A quick chat with Betamaxx

Marking his first European appearance onstage on July 27th at Retro Future Fest, Betamaxx may well be one of the most widely anticipated live shows of the whole evening. From his work on the Kung Fury score to his three essential full-length records, the Pennsylvania-based synth-wielder is a mainstay of

66531277 352231728771890 3276145360547872768 n - London, get ready for Retro Future Festival

Seven days from now, London’s Southbank will be hosting what is already setting out to be the undisputed Retro gathering of the summer. European retroheads, mark your calendars on July 27th if you haven’t already, because Retro Future Fest is a date you’re not going to want to flake out


With an incredible album that dropped a week ago through NRW Records and music on HBO, Earmake has had a pretty incredible 2019 and the year is only half done. We got a chance to speak with the cosmic synthwave producer from Ukraine and picked his brain about influences and

Screenshot 2019 06 28 at 00.23.52 - Strangers from a familiar past – An Interview with Yota

Returning with a fresh new album titled ‘Stranger on Film’, Yota has been sending some smooth, sparkly vibes throughout the scene with her catchy NuDisco-infused Synthwave tunes. Aided by producers from both her home country of Sweden and France, where she is currently based, Yota combines pure synth-pop bliss and

41672836 257260968455776 464995695158362112 o - Summer sounds - Introducing Sky Civilian

With its bright, sunny sounds Sky Civilian’s Open Door could not have dropped at a more appropriate time: drawing influence from fresh refrigerated fresh orange juice, ceiling fans and air conditioners, Santa-Fe based artist Maggie Thornton’s debut EP is exactly what you need to face summer’s scorching, sweaty heatwave. For those

red 2 Athys de Galzain - Vengeance with a French touch - An Interview with Sierra

As a relatively new player in the game, Sierra earned her place amongst the Lazerdiscs Records roster thanks to her freshly acquired yet efficient chops in electronic music production with Strange Valley. Staying close to her French roots, the young talent has shown a knack for hard-hitting beats and oppressive

60349459 825141757863336 7543767128055218176 o - Seth Ickerman updates us on Blood Machines

After three years of tireless efforts to deliver what is hyped up to be the Retrowave movie experience of a lifetime, Seth Ickerman has recently announced the near completion of their widely anticipated Blood Machines Space-Opera feature. Pitched as a follow up to the jaw-dropping thrill ride that was Turbo

Synthgirl I rena 8 Vol.1 - Synthgirl I-rena - When Synthwave meets Art Pop

As a music genre based on a retro-aesthetic and generational nostalgia, there are several options at hand for Synthwave regarding its future in the next coming decade. In many respects, the growing Nineties trend very much feels like Y2K all over again for the Retrowave crowd. What will happen? For