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WMV2001 Fox Cov A Low res 302x209 - NewRetroWave

Image Comic's The Weatherman combines great storytelling, killer visuals, and a

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I have written a seventh article about video game

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Moon Over Parador (1988) Directed by Paul Mazursky I was very



ninja golf header - Box Art VI: The Deadline Annihilator™

Here I am once again, sliding headfirst into home to meet monthly deadlines, with a big goofy smile on my face and five more game boxes that raise more questions than they answer. There are just so fun to do that it's hard not to write them back to back,

head - Box Art V: Box Odyssey

Before you say anything: yes, we're doing this again, and yes I intend to keep doing them until I can't find any more. The Internet is a vast ocean, and images are easy to conjure from its murky depths. If it exists or it existed, someone's scanned it in and

header - Box Art Part IV: Life's a Struggle™

As the old saying goes, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Sometimes, in my case, I know damn well where I'm laying cobblestones, and I'm taking you folks with me. This

motu cover - Cartoon Caravan: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (Filmation, 1983)

If you were born and raised in any period from the 70s to the 90s, odds are that you had some fantastic cartoons on your television. Odds are even greater that you had one you loved especially. One you never missed if you could help it. One that you would

vgxman - Box Art Pt. 3: The Reckoning

Twice now we have sojourned into the benighted lands beyond. The perpetual twilight realm of “not much of an art budget” and the neighboring nightmare kingdom of “just draw or paint whatever you want, we have a deadline.” We came, we saw, we were disgusted and bewildered

SucklordHisWares - The Toy Lord of Chinatown - Sucklord

Chinatown. The densely populated original hood of Manhattan. The home of the knockoff Gucci purse, mixtape slingers, fresh tags, Chinatown Fair, Char Siu Buns and infamous Doyers street. In the 90's only a few of us sub-cultured recluses would dare venture outside of our uncomfortable ghettos to take the train

c7b257a5094f310705f5c9a5d64c2e42aea5a9cc - Kyle Lambert Provides MUSE with an EPIC Retrowave Album Cover!

Wowzers.  We are not sure if MUSE will fully implement the Retrowave sound in this next album, but we jolly well hope that they do. Just seeing this image alone made us fall out of our seats. Kyle Lambert (Famous for his Stranger Things Posters) provided this insane vision for the

microdeal 1982 - More Bizarre Box Art

I've got good news and bad news, Retrofans. To follow the cliché, I'm going to lead with the bad news, because you've hung with me a long time and you can take it. The bad news is, I lied to you at the end of my last article about twisted-ass

09e2ae87c7d9e9d803b29d412b819107 original - Magnum Force: 80's Themed Cartoon/Action Playing Cards!

  Whether you were a child in the 70s, 80s, or 90s, animation – that is to say, cartoons – probably played a role in your formative years. I myself remember discovering He-Man and the Masters of the Universe at a very young age, then falling forward into almost every other

third world war micronet 93 - Haunting Box Art

In some of the older D&D books from the golden days of TSR (namely “1st edition” Advanced D&D), The few incredible images rendered by masters like Erol Otus are surrounded on all sides by what can best be described as “almost art.” It's either strange in tone, off-putting in its

Magnatron2Promo - Top Ten Retrowave Album Covers of 2017

Presenting the Top Ten Album/ EP Covers of 2017.

PatrickNagel.jpgPatrickNagel - Patrick Nagel (Feature)

The art created by 1970’s and 80’s artist Patrick Nagel has been a massive influence in the scene. His overwhelmingly popular art continues to resonate throughout the New Retro Wave area, as some modern artists and mediums of art allude to his classic vibrant style.