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Days made of verbs and nouns. You have turned

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Spanish Synthwave group Maxthor has spared no time in

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Paris-based producer Sierra is kicking off into 2022 with





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Late last month, retrowave powerhouse Starcadian rocked the scene with a brand new instalment in his audiovisual space epic. With its deep red artwork and mind-melting detours into electronic prog-psychedelia, Radio Galaxy expressly refuses to settle into for the tried and true and stands out as one of the most

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Earlier this month, Synthwave producer Miles Matrix produced what may well be 2021’s freshest take on retro-synth music. With La Boum, the Viennese producer and Arcadeglitch host has taken the retrowave sound back to the streets of eighties NY, a groundbreaking time for music when electro-funk, hip hop and house

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As most of the world came to a full stop with the pandemic and its lockdowns, people were locked inside, dreaming for a life beyond their confined space. What had only seemed conceivable in a sci-fi story had actually happened: time had frozen still.  As we near the beginning of

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Filled with blistering retro synthwave bliss, "Wanderers" is the latest smash-hit album from The G! It's hard to understate just how nostalgic this record sounds, as it's filled with OG (pun intended) synth sounds that immediately take you back to when the genre was young and fresh. It's also chock-full

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The wait is over, rabid retroheads! Wolfclub is back with full force with a record to send your brainwaves cruising down memory lane. Titled, Just Drive Pt.1, the album sees the artist setting the groundwork for an exciting multi-part saga paved with catchy choruses and twinkling melodies. We caught up

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The Beginning of ChillSynth Way back in 2015 I had just left college, moved to Cleveland, and started writing about synth music

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Through directly addressing the topics of depravity fueled and safeguarded by online anonymity, Makeup and Vanity Set’s music video for ‘Algorithm’ is a gorgeous piece of work that is bound to shake up and disturb viewers. Directed by Justin Hopkins and Saman Kesh (who previously worked with MAVS on the

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We had the honor of  interviewing cyberpunk darksynth legend, Dan Terminus, ahead of the release of his sixth studio album, "Last Call For All Passengers." The album drops this Friday via Blood Music - listen here!  Check out our full album review here! Over the course of two hours, we discussed everything from his

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Sunday, lovely Sunday. For those who still haven’t the option of stepping outside, our stroll down memory lanes has extended into the weekend to bring you some more memories and words from Synthwave’s most brilliant talent. Our guest of the day is none other than Retro-pop powerhouse Dana Jean Phoenix

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The weekend is upon us and the Synth fuelled trip down memory lane continues. We are joined by Italy’s very own Vincenzo Salvia, who spared us some time off of his hectic schedule to share a quick movie recommendation and let us know what he’s been up to. Hey Vincenzo, thank

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The Synth Squad have been one of the most reliable and consistent authorities for all things Synth and Retro for the past few years. The duo from Paris has outlasted and outshined most in the scene through their hard work and unmatched scrutiny of the Retrowave scene, warranting no less than

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For this edition of Memory Lanes, we wanted to seize the opportunity to tip our hats to our peers in the scene and acknowledge the incredible work and dedication they’ve brought to the scene. Hailing from Paris, the Synth Squad have been putting just about every other Synthwave related media