Top 10 Synthwave Albums of 2023

It has been an honor to watch the synthwave genre grow and evolve over the past few years. We are continually astounded by the sonic innovation our community shows - and 2023 has been no different! There's a touch of every subgenre of synth in this year's list - we

Sferro Makeup and Vanity Set Wavefinder

Once every few years an album comes along that reminds me of why I started writing about music the first place. “Wavefinder” – the astounding collaboration between Sferro and Makeup and Vanity Set (MAVS), is definitely one such album. On the face of it, you wouldn’t expect a collaboration album like


From Russia with synths comes a fresh, young producer on his way to shake the retrowave scene. 22-year-old Saint-Petersburg-based artist The Crucifix has just released his sophomore full-length Psychopunk 2165, a cyberpunk neo-noir concept record blending the chaos and violent side of retrofuturistic sci-fi-themed darksynth with the melodrama of gothic


San Diego-based producer Grimbeard has finished 2022 off with a mean, dirty full-length debut record to sink your rabid senses into. Pure Acid Hell delivers a hefty dose of industrial rock that will thrill any fan of old-school Nitzer Ebb or Nine Inch Nails. It’s grimy, catchy and tainted with


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