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Updated 06/07/2019

Do you Guys Monetize the videos on your Youtube Channel?

Yes. Since Jan 2015, but we lost our monetization privileges on May 6th 2019 due to YouTubes new policies. As of now, our channel is demonetized.

Does the artist get a cut from the earnings made from monetized videos on your Youtube channel?

Once our channel can get back its monetization privileges, then we can continue and add new chosen artists to our Beta program where any monetized streams earned from videos are split 50:50. As of now, our channel is demonetized so we cannot perform this beta program. Once we can secure our monetization privileges again, then the program will be pack up and running. If you again used a 3rd party site to monetize your content on YouTube, this doesn’t affect you as you are using services outside of YouTube to monetize your work.

Why Don’t You Guys Answer Back To E-mails? Especially Music Submission E-Mails?

We are truly blown away by the submissions we get weekly. However, because these submissions are now so large in number, we cannot answer all emails in the timely fashion as we would like to, since we want to give every submission a fair listen and chance. We now have a system in place where each person who submits to us gets a notification explaining how the acceptance and rejection process works. We are now doing more to answer as many, if not, all email submissions we get daily. Please be patient guys. Expecting a reply within a few days isn’t fair as we do a lot more that just upload music videos with our time, and have a lot of submissions to go through. We now have 3 team members monitoring our submission emails; Ten.S, Joey Edsall and Andrew Zistler. We will answers all submission emails in the order received. Please expect a 6 – 8 week time span for a reply.

Submit your music and art us HERE.

We will be launching a new project in 2018 where songs/ artwork that are not selected to be on our channel can be showcased on our website for the public to listen/ view for a set period of time. Stay tuned.