Updated 3/25/2017

Do you Guys Monetize the videos on your Youtube Channel?

Yes. Since Jan 2015.


Does the artist get a cut from the earnings made from monetized videos on your Youtube channel?

Please note we started monetizing our YouTube Videos, since Jan 2015. Please understand we promote your music to a daily mass audience of 370K + avid listeners. We do not have a media kit, thus we do NOT charge you for media + social media activation. We are paid via YouTube Monetization on our channel. We do NOT split this revenue with artists. You (the artists) are paid from the purchase links you provide us to promote for you via media activation. If you want to make money from your YouTube views, please use services that allow you to submit and monetize your music on YouTube. 


Why Don't You Guys Answer Back To E-mails? Especially Music Submission E-Mails?

We are truly blown away by the submissions we get weekly. However, because these submissions are so large in number, we cannot answer all emails in the timely fashion we would like to. In some instances, some emails have not been replied to due to oversight. We now have a system in place where each person who submits to us gets a notification explaining how the acceptance and rejection process works. We are now doing more to answer as many, if not, all email submissions we get daily. But you must be patient guys. Expecting a reply within a few days isn't realistic as we do a lot more that just upload music videos with our time. Please expect a 3 - 4 week time span for a reply.

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