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NRW Radio

New Retro Wave is proud to finally reveal the NRW Radio App.  Streaming the best in Retrowave and alternative synth sounds. Featuring all content from NewRetroWave and We Rule Nation. Expect plenty of exclusive content specifically for this app and lots of Retrowave previews and exclusive album streams. This is a BETA version and is only available for online/ website streaming usage. Fully functional in all website browsers.

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Only functional on the following mobile operating systems:

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Click HERE to launch the online app.

Let us know your thoughts on the BETA version.  Contact us.



Full “Randomization Mode” | Individual track selection through all full albums/ mixes | Music can play in the background when you switch out of the app (Desktop ONLY) |

The last song you play can be remembered (Full albums/ Mixes ONLY) | Weekly Charts.



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