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Top Ten Musical Artists of 2017

Presenting the Top Ten Musical Artists of 2017.

blade6 - Top Ten Musical Artists of 2017

Let’s get straight into it.

10. Mega Drive

10 - Top Ten Musical Artists of 2017

Presenting us with not one but two full-length releases this year, Mega Drive shows no signs of stopping, thankfully. We honestly can’t decide on whether we should listen to The Grid or Seas of Infinity. Both are well crafted and make Mega Drive more than worthy of a spot on this list.


9. Solar Storm

9 - Top Ten Musical Artists of 2017

Nearly making you believe you’re living in a high tech, low life vision of the future, Solar Storm blasted into action with Exodus. Devout followers of our Youtube channel will likely already have heard “Homesick” which, like the rest of Exodus, is a treat to our ears.


8. Futurecop!

8 - Top Ten Musical Artists of 2017

No list of great synthwave artists would be complete without Futurecop! Making an appearance. August of this year came with it the highly anticipated release of Return to Alvograth and Futurecop! delivered tenfold with this one. A pioneer of the genre itself, you need to listen to this album if you somehow haven’t had the chance yet.


7. Night Runner

img - Top Ten Musical Artists of 2017

Earlier this year the duo that is Night Runner treated us to another full-length album in the form of Thunderbird. If you’ve listened to their previous release, Starfighter, you won’t want to miss this.


6. Kalax

img - Top Ten Musical Artists of 2017

In early April, Kalax unleashed a self-titled album that was just what we needed, chock-full of rolling synths and dreamy vocals.  Its release has since been followed up with a vinyl and two cassette releases.


5. Lazerhawk

5 - Top Ten Musical Artists of 2017

In last years roundup, we had just been treated to a teaser for Dreamrider, the highly anticipated next release from everyone’s favorite, Lazerhawk. Early this year, we got it. From “Neon Dawn” to “Dreams in the Dusk” we were not disappointed. This co-founder of Rosso Corsa Records continues to soar.


4. Daniel Deluxe

img - Top Ten Musical Artists of 2017

The master of dark synth easily makes this list with his latest release, Instruments of Retribution. This titan of darksynth has also toured consistently throughout 2017, treating fans all over Europe to his synth repertoire.


3. Nightstop

img - Top Ten Musical Artists of 2017

Hailing from Finland, Nightstop followed up last years Streetwalker with the exquisite release, Dancing Killer. Quickly followed by a wonderful vinyl release on Electronic Purification Records, Nightstop has proven that they’re one of the best time and again.


2. The Midnight

img - Top Ten Musical Artists of 2017

With the release of Nocturnal this year, the duo that is The Midnight showed us that they are completely incapable of a bad release. Hot off the heels of a sold-out performance in Los Angeles, The Midnight has proven to be a powerful force in concert. With more dates planned for 2018, we’re chomping at the bit for more.


1. Meteor

img - Top Ten Musical Artists of 2017

The alter ego of Jorge Reyes, 2017 saw the release of Inner Demon by Meteor. Incorporating scathing guitar licks with masterfully crafted synth beats, Inner Demon is an instant classic. Don’t be surprised if you magically end up in a fast car flying down the highway with the windows down while playing this record. We can’t wait to see what Jorge is up to in the coming year and beyond.



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