Please read the following carefully. Failure to do so will result in your submissions being rejected. Updated 5/10/2017




Our submission process will always be worked on and fined tuned. We are here to promote your work and to support you. Thus we have implemented new rules/ actions to reflect this.

  • From May 2017, all chosen music and/or art submissions to be used on our main NewRetroWave YouTube page will receive an upfront payment for their work. Only for single uploads. Not including mixtape, mix or compilation uploads.
  • All submissions now have many outlets to chose from to get their music heard. If not chosen for NRW main YouTube Page, we will consider you for our other outlets.
  • The terms and conditions you agree to with your submission does NOT take any right away from you. It allows us to monetize the video and to also make sure no other party wrongfully claims, blocks, removes the video under their name. You may still upload the song on your channel and other channels.
  • Submissions will now be open for a set period of time per week before we close access to this form. This is to allow for better management of submissions and to give each person a better response time per week.



If you are a musician or a digital artist/ photographer that specializes in 80's- 90's themed/ structured/ inspired music/ art and want to get your retro work heard/ seen on our NRW Network, please fill out the following form below. 

This form is ONLY for those who want to have their music/ art featured and promoted on our NRW Network. 

Please put the genre/ subgenre of your submission in the "Subject" line.

Please also note that there is a ONE song limit per monthly submission. Please be patient for a reply. We get a lot of submissions daily. Average respond time is between 3-4 weeks. We will try to respond with more critiques and suggestions for improvement rather than automated rejection mail. We respect artistic integrity and know feedback is valuable. All submissions MUST be a dropbox link. Any other hosting site will lead to a rejection. We use Dropbox because it is a safe site for you to share your work with us.

What We Are Looking For

For music submissions, we are looking for 80's-90's inspired and driven songs. We like the following sounds/ sub-genres:

Dreamwave/ Synthfunk, 80's RnB, Outrun/ Italo, New Wave/ Darkwave/ Synthscape/ Retro-Future Cyperpunk/ Chillwave/ Vocal 80's Pop/ Dance, Electrofunk, Freestyle, Breakbeat. We also accept Retro-Electro and Experimental Retro Sounds, but on a stricter basis. 

What We Are NOT Looking For

Any form of EDM with no retro inspired ties. Folk music. Hardcore Industrial sounds. Acid Techno, Techo. We don't accept Modern RnB, or Modern Hip-Hop or Modern Pop. We do not accept any remixes that are not cleared by labels.

Please Submit Below.

Submission Form

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Real Name
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The name you use when performing/ making your music. ;)
If submitting art, please type "ARTWORK" in the box.
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*If you want to get your track on NewRetroWave, you MUST agree to our terms. (Updated 4/10/2017).
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