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Our Favourite Retro Games Roundup (For Mobile)

Gaming on the go is easier than ever if you own a smartphone. And fans of retro classics can get their fill of old-school action on their mobile thanks to the array of revamped titles that are on offer. Here are just a few of the

Gaming on the go is easier than ever if you own a smartphone. And fans of retro classics can get their fill of old-school action on their mobile thanks to the array of revamped titles that are on offer.

Here are just a few of the vintage video-game experiences you can enjoy on Android and iOS devices today, ranging from platformers and shooters to slot machines and beyond.


Sega Forever Collection

It may have ducked out of the home console market almost two decades ago, but Sega is still a major presence on the development and publishing scene. If you want to relive some of its genre-defining games from the era of the Master System and Mega Drive, then you need to check out the Forever Collection.

This anthology of games includes everything from well known titles like Sonic The Hedgehog 2 to more obscure options like Comix Zone. And best of all is the fact that every one is free to play. You can pay a small fee to get rid of the in-app ads if you want, but there’s no obligation if you’re happy to sit through the occasional onscreen promotion.

Final Fantasy II

Fans of Square Enix and its historic series of JRPGs will appreciate the ability to play earlier games while out and about. And if you’ve yet to delve into the world of Final Fantasy, the second entry is a good place to start.


Its mobile adaption includes upgraded graphics, new dungeons and an immersive, sprawling storyline that will keep you playing for hours. If you like strategic, turn-based combat and deep characters, it is an excellent choice to add to your collection, even with its premium price point.

Alternatively why not check out the well-received mobile version of Final Fantasy XV to see how the series has progressed.

DOOM Classic

In the mid-90s the first person shooter genre was brought kicking and screaming into existence by the young team at ID Software. Today DOOM is still alive and well, with its most recent incarnation on PC and consoles managing to go back to what made the original so great.

To experience the claustrophobic corridors and squealing demons of the first game, all you need to do is install DOOM Classic on your iPhone. It comes with all of the levels and features you’d expect, along with the option to listen to the rocking soundtrack separately and take advantage of touchscreen controls to stay involved with the gameplay.

The app itself is getting on for 10 years old, but regular updates are still released to ensure that it is compatible with the newest versions of iOS.

Double Triple Chance

Mobile slots have improved massively over the years, bringing the experience of playing a casino to portable platforms in incredibly inventive ways. But if all the bells and whistles are getting you down, why not play Double Triple Chance at Casumo?

With three reels, five paylines and plenty of fruity icons, it is every inch the classic slot machine experience. And because you can play for free in the trial mode, you don’t have to risk any cash to go back in time and enjoy retro gaming excitement wherever you are.


It seems like Tetris has been re-imagined in thousands of different forms over the years. But if you want a back to basics experience which is playable in the palm of your hand, the mobile edition published by EA is your best bet.

Sure, there are different game modes to try out, and the colourful graphics look quite a bit different from the green and grey of the Game Boy original. But the core mechanics remain the same and this is a game that can be enjoyed in short bursts or over longer sessions, which gives it plenty of flexibility.

Pac-Man Championship Edition

Tetris may be iconic, but Pac-Man is a mascot for the entire industry. The arcade style of this game is perfectly suited to mobile play, as are the simplicity of the controls, which avoid a lot of the complications that modern titles can suffer.

The graphics combine retro charm with contemporary effects, and this Championship Edition is arguably the definitive Pac-Man experience.

The Secret of Monkey Island – Special Edition

Often seen as the funniest, most enjoyable point and click adventure game of all time, this 1990 game was given a makeover a few years ago, with enhanced graphics and added voice acting. It is a natural fit for mobile play, with an interface that works well with your fingertips rather than a mouse.

You can even switch back to the classic graphics and audio effects if you do not want the remastered experience, which is a nice touch that many other developers have since copied. So get downloading and try these retro classics today.


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