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 ‘Somebody that I used to know’ exploded onto the internet, even reaching the attention of Rolling Stone, who later featured the song on their website.

Miami Nights 1984

By Rhys Pearce

Over the years,


has had a knack for producing some great music, everything from the likes of

Glenn Gould




Miami Nights 1984 are no exception. MN84 is Michael Glover, a synth revival pioneer and helmsman of


. He is also notably known as the founder of the highly influential,

Rosso Corsa Records

, a record label that is responsible for bringing us the likes of,

Lazerhawk, Mitch Murd

er and

Jordan F.

In 2010, MN84 introduced himself to us with the breakthrough album, ‘

Early Summer’

, an accomplished and confident debut featuring 9 tracks of groove ridden, dreamy synth pop. What’s immediately evident here is his ability to encapsulate nostalgic bliss and create towering sounds that stir those deep routed emotions of the 80’s. It became evident at this point that we were dealing with someone with enormous talent.

Picture of MN84 taken by Wolf Sheep Records

During the recording of his second album, a remix he did of


‘Somebody that I used to know’ exploded onto the internet, even reaching the attention of Rolling Stone, who later featured the song on their website. This would play an integral part in exposing him to a much larger audience and opening the door wider for the new wave synth movement. It’s very rarely that you hear a remix that totally blows the original song out of the water; MN84’s custom sound combined with Gotye’s melodic vocal line, embrace one another like a long lost love and come together as if how fate had intended. On March 18


2012, MN84 dropped his anticipated second full length album entitled,

Turbulence, with

many hailing it as his finest work to date. The notable difference between ‘

Early Summer

’ and ‘


’ is that Glover appeared to find an extra gear on


, lifting the atmospheric tones to new heights and packing in extra punches with some seriously memorable hooks.

In the meantime, Glover has been keeping busy with various remixes with the likes of the Grammy nominated,

Electric Youth, as well as Night Crawler, Silent Gloves



. He has also briefly resurrected


, posting a new song online entitled ‘

The Return

’ and has even hinted at a new collaboration project called ‘

Future Noir

’ with close friend,

DJ Murge


In March of this year MN84 made a welcome return, posting a new song on his Facebook page, named

 “Reflex Training

’. This subsequently reduced some fans to quivering messes, with one dude stating that his face “….has been melted!”. Even though the song didn’t appear to be a massive departure from the sound heard on his previous record, something tells me that we can expect something very special from the new material. Are you excited? Because I certainly am.


Founder and CEO of NewRetroWave

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