Mega Drive - I Am The Program

Journey through an 80’s thriller, a Stallone star vehicle set in a retro-future cityscape.

The scene; set in a dark brooding L.A. alley, wet shadows reflecting the future cityscape above. 

A car chase breaks out with the propulsive outrun synth speeding on its mission. Darkly gorgeous chords, emotive leads burning like an engine within the powerful dynamics, the synthesizers rage with slick compression and thick transient shapers. 

The melody running in and out of shadows, the inclination is to follow the movement as if it were a stream of light, short bursts of power offer movement as punctuation sending you on a stratospheric trajectory. 

Sun-setting-synthwave, shiny outrun aesthetics with an injection of cyberpunk neon creates a dreamy epic-yet-action-packed fictional 80’s style soundtrack. A movie you'd rather listen to than watch.

They evoke those veins of nostalgia that urge you to take a drive on the futuristic highway.