Waveshaper - Velocity

Waveshaper - Velocity (Album Cover)

Swedish synth-wizard Waveshaper, aka Tom Andersson, is back in fantastic futuristic fashion with the release of his newest EP, “Velocity.”

Many synthwave fans will likely be familiar with Waveshaper’s previous hits such as “Station Nova” and “Exploration 84.” While those albums are indeed mind-blowing, “Velocity” somehow manages to step it up a notch, maintaining a superb intensity throughout and somehow cramming all the beauty and grandeur of a full-length release into a 6 track EP.

“Velocity” is similar, in part, to his previous works. It maintains expertly crafted science-fiction vibes that never come close to cheesy, and features a myriad of electrifying, energetic synths running in an almost baroque-like counterpoint with his basslines.

However, with “Velocity,” we also manage to hear a bit of a departure from his traditional style. Masterfully married to his signature synthwave sound is a French touch of nu-disco. This disco flavor acts to slow bits of certain tracks allowing the EP to reach back into a crescendo that makes it feel like a rollercoaster through space and time. These elements of synth and disco work amazingly well together, and the result is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Waveshaper is already known for his soundtrack style themes. With “Velocity,” those themes seem even more melodic and central to the tracks than ever before. The hooks on this EP range from downright catchy to ethereal and emotional – adding a certain range that seemed just a tad out of reach in previous releases.

All in all, I find “Velocity” to be Waveshaper’s best release yet. This EP stays true to Waveshaper’s unique sound - while simultaneously updating it in stunning fashion. In spite of its raw intensity, “Velocity” brims with beautiful melodic emotion that is all too often missing from  science fiction inspired retro synthwave.

Top Tracks: “Mega Figher,” “The Choice,” and “The Sphere.” But all of them - really. This is a must-listen release. Also, shout out to Sam Todhunter, who has once again created another stunning piece of artwork for Waveshaper.