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Timecop1983 – Faded Touch Review

The absolute legend Timecop1983 has returned to patrol our hearts with "Faded Touch!" This beautifully nostalgic album is catchy and heartfelt, pumping out what may be Timecop1983's most moving album to date.   It's been three long years since Timecop1983's last full length, with the darker "Night Drive"

Timecop1983 Faded Touch

The absolute legend Timecop1983 has returned to patrol our hearts with “Faded Touch!” This beautifully nostalgic album is catchy and heartfelt, pumping out what may be Timecop1983’s most moving album to date.


It’s been three long years since Timecop1983’s last full length, with the darker “Night Drive” dropping way back in 2018. Timecop1983, aka Jordy Leenaerts, has definitely been busy, spending a lot of time on tours like the “We Are Dreamers” tour with Arcade HighKorine, and releasing some fantastic singles and collabs – so we’re super stoked to finally get another full album!
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Josh Dally is also back in “Faded Touch,” lending his amazing synthpop vocals to almost half the album. Frequently featured alongside Timecop1983’s wonderfully well-produced synth, Dally has also worked with a number of other heavy hitters. He’s been featured on numerous classics like FM84’s “Atlas” and also comprises half of At 1980 as well, who debuted on NRW last year. This dynamic duo are a match made in synth heaven, and they continue to astound in “Faded Touch.”

Dreamwave Written During a Dark Time

All that touring mentioned above was, of course, interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Leenaerts explained in a recent interview with Vinyl Writer Music that he was actually working on his live show when the virus struck. The extra time he found himself with allowed him to work on “Faded Touch,” and perhaps this explains why the album is so emotive, as some of it seems to have been written during that dark time.

As we mentioned before, “Faded Touch” really wears it’s heart on it’s synth. This album feels particularly passionate and profound, even compared to other Timecop1983 albums. That makes perfect sense, considering it was created at least partially during the pandemic lockdowns. The album deals with themes of heartbreak, regret, and perhaps most telling – loneliness. Several tracks on the album directly reference failing or unhealthy relationships, and one track is even simply titled “Alone.”

All of these sentimental themes combine perfectly with the experienced vocals of Dally and some truly top-notch synthwork from Leenaerts, and make for one of the most memorable releases we’ve heard recently. “Faded Touch” is a plaintive mix of synthwave, dreamwave, and synthpop that blends together to form a remarkable release. While we’ve heard tracks about relationships before from Timecop1983, (He has two EP’s titled “Lovers Part 1” and “Lovers Part 2” after all,) I don’t think we’ve heard quite as much hurt before. Something about the nostalgia of the synthwave and dreamwave genres really blends well with these themes, making this album feel very poignant.

But It’s Not All Heartache

But, it isn’t all heartbreak. There are certainly more upbeat anthemic tracks on “Faded Touch” too. Cuts like “One Night” and “Chemical” really help break up some of the wistful elements of the album. The instrumental tracks also deliver well with some very interesting and instantly memorable melodies.

Overall, “Faded Touch” is a beautiful album, partly created during a tumultuous time in history. The album reflects that through the lens of nostalgia and loneliness, creating a sense of lachrymose longing that pairs well with the synthwave aesthetic. We hope it sees a physical release soon! In the meantime, you can download your copy here.


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