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VHS Glitch – Sides

"Sides" is the latest from VHS Glitch - what he called a  "

“Sides” is the latest from VHS Glitch – what he called a  “…hard disk format session but only keeping good memories from the past. ”

This relaxing synth album is a refreshing mix of synthwave and dreamwave elements, with a hefty dose of chill. This is notably different than many of VHS Glitch’s releases the tend to live the in ream of evil-sounding darksynth.

It’s always refreshing to hear an artist branch out and create something outside of their usual sound – and often it doesn’t go as planned. But VHS Glitch’s “Sides” is a fantastic example of when things go right. Strong bass lines, minor key melodies, and disharmony are normally something you don’t see in chill dreamwave releases – and here VHS Glitch uses both to create something fresh in the genre – really making “Sides” stand out amongst the crowd.

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