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Top Ten NewRetroWave Collaborations of 2017

Continuing where we left off

Continuing where we left off… Here is 2017 best collabs on our channel! Selecting the ten best collabs of 2017 has given us the chance to disappear down the wormhole/rabbit hole of 2017’s exceptional RetroWave content. Wading through track after track has been a journey of discovery, one that I encourage you to embark upon yourself:





10. Moondragon – Apex Predator (feat. Meteor)



9. Absinth3 – Starlight (feat. Oceanside 85)



6. Slicarus – After School (feat. ill Esha)



7. ALEX – Youth (feat. Rachel McAlpine)



6. Sebastian Gampl – Without You (feat. Tommy Reeve)



5. Michael Oakley – California (feat. Missing Words) 



4. Timecop1983 – Girl (feat. SEAWAVES)



3. FM-84 – Never Stop (feat. Ollie Wride)



2. New Arcades – Irreparable (feat. NINA)



1. Scandroid – Neo Tokyo (Dance With The Dead Remix)

Track 4 edited to “GIRL”. Changed from Lovers.


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