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A lunar synth. A computer game synth. A newly circuited synth.

A lunar synth.

A computer game synth. 

A newly circuited synth.

Imagine you are left stranded on a dilapidated space station tethered to a barren celestial orb. Lost abandoned, accompanied only by strange unusual syncopated rhythms, otherworld melodic algorithms, certainly nothing known or heard of from this planet. Forsaken to the moon, natural satellite of earth, visible only by reflected light from the sun. Dreamscape arps and relaxed progressions, raw, hazy, lo-fi and retro-inspired synthetics. Relaxing, thoughtful – the perfect space score. 

A genre unto itself, the sounds of STΔRCΔT contain the very mysteries of life, the universe, and sometimes a little of what lies beyond…

The blistering sonics leave you astounded, an astronaut who has just re-entered the earth’s atmosphere, synths swell and stretch wide across the horizon cutting a deep hole in the ozone into which you become lost.

Sending you hurtling back to your stars and nebulas.

Support: https://starcat.bandcamp.com


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