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Dance With The Dead – ‘The Shape’

This could be a scene from either the beginning or the end of the world. 

This could be a scene from either the beginning or the end of the world. 

A club that is ethereal, church-like. Bad memories. Meeting the noise and a stranger, become confused to which is which in the darkness. Conjured from the cauldron of imagination to realisation, a confused state, conscious, just, speech slurred, eyes crossed against one another. A room of bad complexions and cheap smelling perfume.

Dance With The Dead take you on a journey through mutilated guitar riffs, pounding hard rocks drums, eerie spine tingling synths.

At times the soundtrack to an 80’s horror movie, as if scored for the entire catalogue of Stephen king’s work with a hair-rock aesthetic.

Grinding menacing arpegiators, always pushing you on-wards work both with and against the slick guitar licks to create a dangerous and unique dynamic. A sound that creates a constant rising friction, but rather than estrange it excites, drawing you deeper and deeper into their sound.

Be warned, the possible side effects from listening to this album are (minor complications) including double or blurred vision (for a few days), burning, stinging, ear drums, disorientation, euphoric tension,  and pounding agitated restless heartbeat.

Hear the album right here:


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