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Absolute Valentine – Light In The Dark

Tonight’s theme is horror. Tonight's theme is revenge…

Tonight’s theme is horror. Tonight’s theme is revenge…
Sounding like the best Halloween party you’ve ever been to, a dark outrun, something to recollect with fondness as the sinister riff enters, wandering off kilter. Lead line form mischievous ghostly pads, that rises to meet the throbbing bass as it pulsates, creating a jangled flux.

Inspired by two decades before this, altered by the living breathing energy, inspired by the past but leaving it trampled, torn, excavated, leaving you here to experience the here the now.
The sound is mechanical cascading through the city to meet you, leaving you forgetting, just as you remember, yourself. The sounds ignite, disgust, provoke, pollute, heat oppressive, throbbing on the temples maintaining the dehydrated flux leaving you floating through the dizzy heights of space and leaving you there. Alone in your own stratosphere.
Space; a place in which man is neither welcome nor expected.


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