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Top Ten Biggest Moments for the Retrowave Scene in 2016


Ahem… 2016 has been a year full off many surprises. Some have been wonderful, and others have been upsetting. Heck, some have even proven to be regrettable lows. Here are the Top Ten Biggest Moments for the Retrowave scene in 2016.

10. “Rise of The Synths” is Officially Announced

Rise of the Synths promises to be a very well put together documentary that will not only showcase the old greats such as John Carpenter and Brad Fiedel, but also showcase and shed light on the new generation of producers who cater to the synths.

9. “Buzzfeed” + “The Guardian” Aid in Misappropriating Retrowave with “Distracting” Article.

These tabloids and their “Propaganda” disappointed us this year. What could have been a wonderful platform, to launch Retrowave to larger audience, turned into an article that focused on something completely different!! Shame on you Buzzfeed. This in turn did bring more ears into the scene, but also muddled and misappropriated our growing culture with another.

8. Lazerhawk Announces Longly Awaited New Album. Drops Teaser!!

After 3 years, Lazerhawk finally comes out of the shadows. Lazerhawk is one of the pioneers of the scene and his magical sound has inspired and changed the lives of many. Definitely an album to look out for in 2017

7. We say Goodbye to Prince and David Bowie and George Michael 🙁

This was a devastating blow. Both Prince, David Bowie and George Miachael are the inspiration for many of the artists in the Retrowave scene today. Their bold sounds, visuals and message captivated us all. We will to carry on their creative spirits in the music we showcase and create for the scene. They helped to pave the way and will be missed.

6. Blade Runner 2049 Visuals Hit Our Eyes!

Oh yes. Blade Runner was a masterpiece. Many debate whether a sequel was needed. But here it is anyway!!! This alone got many of us who love Retrowave extremely excited. Expect this to bring more eyes and ears to the scene, and spur a lot of new inspiration for the music.

5. Perturbator Scores MTV Europe Awards

This is one of the many big licensing deals artists from the scene have landed. To have a song used as the main theme for the 2016 MTV Europe Award is major accomplishment for the man who is half man, half synthesizer. Well done sir.

4. Turbo Killer Music Video

The visuals say it all. Holy f*&K. This video and accompanying song continuously give new/ old viewers goosebumps and gets at least 3x replays with each individual view. This is quality. Absolutely set the bar high for Retrowave once this occured.

3. Simpsons LA-Z Rider Couch Gag

Easily one of the most memorable and enjoyable moments in 2016. It was quite exciting to see this innovative flip and nod towards what is slowly growing over here. This gag alone led countless people on the search to find Retrowave. Someone on the “Simpsons” team might just be listening to Retrowave for this to happen!

2. Stranger Things

This years biggest obsession for sure. This show brought so many people from all over the world to the Retrowave scene this year. It captured the inner child within us all and gripped us with a killer storyline and cast to match. We won;t give away any spoilers to those who haven’t seen it yet, but this show is definitely worth the watch. It is a total success. Look out for Stranger Things Season 2 in 2017!

1. Blood Machines (Turbo Killer II) Movie is Announced + David Sandberg Joins the Cast.

We all have been long awaiting another visual experience to take the scene to new height. Blood Machine promises to do just that with the exceptional talent that is Ickerman. To make things even more rad, David Sandberg (Mr. Kung Fury) officially joins the movies cast!! 2017 will be insane! A great way to end out the year!!



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