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Top Ten Retrowave EP’s of 2016

Here is NRW's Top Ten Retrowave EP's of 2016!

10.  Lucy In Disguise 004

Following the debut album, “Endless Echoes,” this fresh EP is entitled simply “004.” Lucy In Disguise fails to disappoint, producing a chilled-out midtempo funk ride. At times bordering on ambient to full-on outrun, this EP swings through genres with groove.


9. Com Truise – Silicon Tare

The synthmaster himself is back with another mind-blowing EP this year, entitled “Silicon Tare.” This mournful maelstrom of synthesizer and beat madness is part of the synthwave epic that began with “Galactic Melt.”


8. Vincenzo Salvia & Pj D’atri – Follow The Power

Pulsing adrenaline like an 80’s action flick, this EP is filled with some fantastic retro guitar and melody transitions. “Follow The Power” is sure to stimulate as it swings through its numerous power riffs and solos.


7. Alex – Blood Club

Evil and brooding, you can feel the dread seeping from your speakers. This unspeakable EP, “Blood Club” is easily some of the best dark synth we saw all year.



6. Tokyo Rose – Chases 2

Filled with futuristic grit and unparalleled intensity, “Chases 2” showcases the dark side of outrun with amazing results. This cyberpunk pursuit is built to please.


5. Slvmber – Hypersleep

Slvmber is a newcomer with “Hypersleep” being their first ever release. The future is bright here, as this EP features the expert melding of numerous synths to quickly build some extremely fresh sounds in the synthwave genre. 


4 . Metal Disco – Tease

The fantastic “Tease” EP melds the genres of retrosynth, minimal and old school goth darkwave. This release manages to invoke an beautiful cold nostalgia with it’s relatively simple composure.

3. Makeup and Vanity Set – Wavehymnal(Data044)

 MAVS is known for ominous moody music, and Wavehymnal is no different. What makes this release special is its uncharacteristic upbeat house-esque lean, rather than the usual cinematic score.

2. Aileron – Mirage

This EP is a mixture of futuresynth and nu disco, resulting in and especially intense and danceable form retro music – which can be something of a rarity in a genre based on soundtracks.


1. Timecop1983 – Lovers EP – PART 1

 Part 1 of the remarkable “Lovers EP” is truly a must-listen of the year. This release is expertly produced and filled with passionate synths –resulting in a truly infatuating and nostalgic retrowave epic.



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