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Damokles – Bring Out The Funk

Swedish sensation Damokles, a.k.a. Anders Ekström,  is blasting back from the past with his newest EP, "Bring Out The Funk."

Swedish sensation Damokles, a.k.a. Anders Ekström,  is blasting back from the past with his newest EP, “Bring Out The Funk.” This collection of tracks looms like a groovy sword – waiting to grace your ears and overturn your ideas of what synthwave can be.

“Bring Out The Funk” is an inspired mix of synth, pop and funk which manages to stay fresh and original in a soundscape of synth music too often overburdened by repetitive tropes and robotic quantization. This should come as no surprise as Damokles has been mixing and producing music since the golden ages of the 70’s and 80’s. 

That native sound is what makes this EP feel different – Damokles offers up an authentic take on retrofunk, blending the new age technology of DAWs with lived-in retro experience. In short, “Bring Out The Funk” manages to seamlessly blend synthwave, funk and disco into a smooth and sexy package of informed nostalgia ready for enjoyment.



The disco influences on this EP are often shown in the choice of major chord progressions which are often interrupted by bright, wobbly funk stabs and flowing, unquantized synth leads. Some of the tracks feature heavily vocoded Kraftwork style vocals, adding to the air of authenticity instead of sapping it, as many retro vocals so often seem to do. 

Most of the tracks on “Bring Out The Funk” are pure retro fuego, but for me the best parts of this EP are singular elements of songs which are executed perfectly – the piano solo in “Gettin’ Me Some Attention,” the groovy synth guitar lead in “Diamonds Are Forever,” and finally the slightly hip, very hoppin record scratching in “Electric Boogie.” 

While the retrofunk sound might not be your choice genre, Damokles certainly has breathed some funky life back into the genre. This album has a particularly authentic sound which makes it easily lovable. Out now on Future 80’s Records, “Bring Out The Funk” is a smash which should not be missed – go grab a listen at bandcamp now.



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