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Com Truise – Silicon Tare E.P

Released via Ghostly International on April 1st, Silicon Tare is the new E.P from synthwave supremo, Com Truise. 

Written by Rhys Pearce


Rhys Pearce is a Musician and Writer from the United Kingdom. 

Released via Ghostly International on April 1st, Silicon Tare is the new E.P from synthwave supremo, Com Truise. It’s the 3rd chapter in a trilogy of music released by Com Truise (Aka Seth Haley) serving as the soundtrack to Haley’s tale of a synthetic astronaut and his journey through space.

The 5 track E.P is spacious and musically bitching and here we further explore some of Com Truise’s familiar synth wizardry, as well being treated to some new sounds and killer beats along the way. The E.P’s second track, ‘Forgive’ absolutely knocked my socks off when I first heard it and left me covered in goose pimples. When you write about music so frequently you live for those very moments, the ones that remind you of how truly powerful and moving someone’s musical vision can be. That’s not taking anything from the other tracks, all of which pack their own punches and are equally an immersive and enjoyable experience.

Its lead single ‘Diffraction’ wasn’t initially well received by the internet’s general populous, although it appears the release of the full length has since hindered the aggressive views of some of the internet’s half-witted keyboard warriors. This is often familiar territory with any artist that is responsible for a pivotal record and in Com Truise’s case, it was 2011’s ‘Galactic Melt’, which many hail as one of the great’s of the new synthwave movement.  Unfortunately for the artist, this kind of success is often a double edge sword and many will only ever use it as a way to unfairly scrutinise the musician.

For me personally, I always look forward to new material from Com Truise. He has the gift for subtly adapting his sound on each new release and will undoubtedly find a way to knock you on your ass with some truly memorable hooks. Whatever you search for in one of Haley’s records, you will find it here amongst these 5 songs. The only downside I could find was that there weren’t more songs,  but that’s what the repeat button is for, right?. May he continue to inspire and provide the ultimate soundtracks to our daydreams, long live the Truise!


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