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Futurecop! – Fairy Tales Album Review

 Much like its predecessor, 'Hopes, dreams & Alienation' released in 2013, the boys return with a host of guests from the likes of Timecop1983 & New Arcades to Twin Oaks & Highway Superstar.

Futurecop! – Fairy Tales

‘True Retro-pop Synthwave’

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As most of you might have already heard, Manchester duo ‘Futurecop!’ dropped their new album at the end of November, entitled ‘Fairy Tales’ and its one that we’ve been looking forward to hearing at New Retro Wave. Much like its predecessor, ‘Hopes, dreams & Alienation’ released in 2013, the boys return with a host of guests from the likes of Timecop1983 & New Arcades to Twin Oaks & Highway Superstar. Here they stick with  a more vocal orientated approach in comparison to what we’ve previously heard in their earlier instrumental work. 


I began this review as I begin any other, sat comfortably, headphones plugged in and dressed head to toe in neon spandex. The record opens with ‘Into your heart’ Ft Hunz & Mosaik, a bitter sweet anthem that builds enough power to leave the hairs standing on the back of your neck. If there were one song that was meant to be played through earphones, this is it! The soaring dream like melody sucks you in immediately and sets the pace perfectly for the rest of the album to come.  Track 2 ‘Secrets’ Ft JNS MSC is the first of the instrumental songs to appear, later followed by Till Eternity (I Miss you), Mermaids and Treehouse, all great snyth pieces that refamiliarize us with early Futurecop! and remind us just exactly why we fell in love with them in the first place. 


Just how talented these dudes are is clearly visible within these instrumental pieces and their effortless ability for creating such beautifully vast and sonic synth pieces, truly makes for a memorable listen. Complete with a wonderful assortment of vocal guests, Futurecop! has made ‘Fairy Tales’ a real solid ensemble piece and what they’ve delivered is a sincere exploration of youthful innocence, together with a diverse viewpoint of love and hope. Tracks like ‘Sun is mine’, ‘Growing’ and ‘Eyes’ are definite album highlights, although none of the 12 songs featured stop short of being damn impressive. With its accessible poppy haze and unquestionable mainstream potential, its quite easy to envisage the duo gaining  a great deal more attention in the future.


Together with the release of the album, Futurecop! have also created 6 original videos in collaboration with Luke Thompson of Canopy Films. The beautifully captured films add an extra visual layer and help bring a cinematic edge to the songs.  I strongly urge you to check them out and allow yourself to be swept away within Futurecop!’s nostalgic daydreams.

So while the winter weather begins to draw in on us, be sure to warm those retro hearts by adding a little Mancunian sunshine to your lives! Bravo Futurecop!.. Bravo.

NRW Rating
8/ 10 



Rhys Pearce



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