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Remember This… Celebrity Crushes           Remember the time before you discovered nudie magazines or what to do with it if you had it? Remember watching the television from your bowl of Coco Puffs and seeing a woman that was set apart from the others on screen. Remember how sometimes you’d

This… Celebrity Crushes
          Remember the time before
you discovered nudie magazines or what to do with it if you had it? Remember
watching the television from your bowl of Coco Puffs and seeing a woman that was
set apart from the others on screen. Remember how sometimes you’d watch that
program just to see that chick again? Who cares if it was just a Jordache jean
commercial? Who cares if they were only comic book characters? You would think about
that person after the credits rolled. You would find her spontaneously appearing in
your dreams. They fascinated you and in some indirect way you coveted them- you
cut out pictures from magazines and taped them to your wall and you followed their careers in
entertainment. They stole your heart, wore your ring and kept your
varsity jacket over their shoulders. It was love. Until you found the next
crush or discovered the lurid and treacherous game of real life relationships
and sex.
are talking about the childhood crushes here. No, not Sally or Tamika from
across the street. I mean the broads, ladies and dames of entertainment.
The hot members of the X-MEN, the sexy actresses from your favorite movies,
even the ladies of cable television; yes, even MTV’s Kari Wuhrer and Gadget from
the Rescue Rangers. I am talking about the crushes that nocturnal waterfalls
are made of.
can’t speak for each and every one of yous specifically. I can
only try to reach as far back into my own memory and pluck the celebrity crushes
that made me blush as a kid. Starting with:

Julie BrownI was maybe 7 years old
when Just Say Julie was airing on MTV and I couldn’t keep my eyes off the
screen. I guess I’ve always had a sincere attraction to redheads, not a fetish,
and Julie Brown was my first. You may have noticed the easter egg I left in part
4 of this column, her music video for “The Homecoming Queen Has Gun” from
her first album Goddess in Progress. She
is a comedian, writer and actress who has helmed a number of television series
and appeared in such films as Clueless, the cult classic Shakes the Clown and
writing, producing as well co-staring in Earth Girls Are Easy. Her first appearance
in a feature film was the 1981 slasher film Bloody Birthday. 

Demi Moore I had a crush on her
when she first walked onto Moon Lighting
as a cameo. I had a crush on her in One
Crazy Summer
. She broke our hearts in The
Seventh Sign
. She made your mom cry in Ghost.
She was Nothing But Trouble and
killed it in Mortal Thoughts. It’s
not a perfect filmography but Demi Moore has been in a lot of good and great films. Hands
down and without a doubt one of the hottest women of the era and still hot and holding it down today. Possibly my longest lasting crush alongside Jennifer Connelly.

Cassandra Peterson Jet black hair,
dressed to kill and drives a 1958 Ford Thunderbird, I’m either talking about a
pimp or I’m talking about the Mistress of the Dark Elvira. I remember one time
going to the video store with my mom and picking out Neil Jordan’s The Company
of Wolves on VHS… or was it Children of the Full Moon? I had no idea what the movie was
about or who was in it, all I knew was that on the cover it said Elvira’s
something, something, something, and there was this very buxom ivory pale woman
on the cover with her hair up in a beehive and I just knew I had to see what
was on that VHS. To this day I still have no recollection of what movie was
actually on the tape but, Elvira will remain a part of pop culture. Elvira’s Mistress
of the Dark
(1988) is one of those movies that I will watch whenever it
comes on.

Jennifer Connelly I didn’t know about her
scenes from The Hot Spot till years
later when I was leaving my teens and for many years I didn’t need to. All it
took was seeing her in Career Opportunities,
The Rocketeer, Dark City, and I was sold. 1996’s Mulholland Falls is a very slept
on noir and 2000’s Requiem for a Dream
is the closest thing to a genuine real world horror movie as you’ll get. For
some of you followers, she was half of maybe the first mainstream on-screen
lesbian kiss we had seen (Higher Learning
. She is the recipient of the 2002 Best Supporting Actress Oscar for
her performance in A Beautiful Mind. If Gary & Wyatt could use their weird science to create Lisa, then my genie
would look like Jennifer Connelly.

 Nicole Lyn Late 90’s, I was flat
on my back on the sofa watching boring Sunday morning television and Mighty Max
had just finished. Flipping through channels with the remote clicker and I came
across this odd random and out of place teen series on Fox 5. I couldn’t figure
out what the show was actually about but, I didn’t care I was sucked in and
fixated on the main star, or one of the main stars, named Nicole Lyn, one of the most jaw dropping beautiful black women I’ve seen on
film. I couldn’t stop watching the episode and before I knew it, it was over.
These were the days before TiVo and some programs weren’t listed so if you
missed it, guess what, you had to try and remember what time slot it aired and
hope to see it again. I had OCD over this show for 3 weeks just to look at this
chick. The series was called Student
and was a Canadian production however; Fox only carried it for a few
months in the States. In time I forgot about the show with the help of my
,then, limited attention span. A year or two later, Anne Rice’s The Feast of All Saints was premiering on Showtime as a
mini-series and behold one of the main stars was the same Nicole Lyn from
Student Bodies. It all happened again, only this time I actually watched the
drama. Some time after, I moved on. Until now, when the flashbacks all of
a sudden came back and with the help of the interweb I see she is still a
bombshell and still acting as well as DJ’ing under the name Ms. Nix.

Honorable mentions: Gillian Anderson (X-Files), Sherilyn Fenn & Madchen Amick (Twin Peaks), Nicole Ari Parker (Boogie Nights), Julianne Moore (Hannibal), Kristy Swanson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Kathleen Robertson (Splendor), Melinda Clarke (Return of the Living Dead 3), Madonna (1982- 1991), Lisa Wilcox (Nightmare on Elm Street 4). 
So, who were your celebrity crushes? List ’em if you got ’em in the comments below or where ever. Beauty never fades and neither will that rewind button your pressing.  

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