Robots With Rayguns - Slow Jams

Pheonix based Robots with Rayguns, aka Lucas Patrick Smith, is back in action with his fifth fantastic studio album - the slick and sultry “Slow Jams.”

Robots with Rayguns is a true OG synth sensation. Some of his albums are hard to nail down as specifically synthwave, as he tends to mix in other varied genres with ease. In spite of this, Smith’s synth work predates the synth genre boom from the film “Drive” by more than 3 years – and he’s been honing his skills ever since.

With “Slow Jams,” we see a massive payoff of that hard work. Smith continues his multi-genre approach, this time expertly sliding between a heady mix of synthpop, r&b, breakbeat and vaporwave. These blended aesthetics are sensational – and effortlessly bring out the romantic side of retro music.

Much of Robots with Rayguns has previously been energetic, but with “Slow Jams,” Smith brings the lights down with the tempo – setting the mood for a different type of album. While many tracks in Robots with Rayguns repertoire have been influenced by sexuality, this ballad concept album is more sensual and passionate than his those previous releases, more involved. It feels like an instant classic.

From the crooning “All the Way (feat. Leon Monroe),” with astounding vocals reminiscent of a smoother Alexander O’Neal spiced with a hint of 90’s tones – to the amazing falsettos and the oscillating bass line that just works when it shouldn’t on “Memories (feat. Carl Gershon),” or even the completely non-vocal “The Ballad of Sharon Stone” - each track on this album just seeps a perfect, new, voluptuary tone. This hybrid album also part compilation and includes “Slow Jam” remakes of older songs – romanticized, down-tempo versions of previous tracks such as “Get Over U,” “Unicorn,” and “Your Love.”

Although this new territory is definitely different than previous Robots with Rayguns releases, Smith manages to stay true to his sound. Still peppered throughout the tracks are glitched vocals, deep bassy synths and hard retro stabs. These ballads are sure to please – even if you’re not a fan of r&b or vocals in general, there is something here for everyone and not a release you want to miss!

Top Tracks: “Memories (feat. Carl Gershon),” “Desire,” “Sexual Tension,” and “The Ballad of Sharon Stone.”