Please read the following carefully. Failure to do so will result in your submissions being rejected. Updated 7/12/2016

If you are a musician or a digital artist/ photographer that specializes in 80's- 90's themed/ structured/ inspired music/ art and want to get your retro work heard/ seen on our NRW Network, please fill out the following form below. 

This form is ONLY for those who want to have their music/ art featured on our Youtube or Website pages. Nothing more! ;)

Please also note that there is a ONE song limit per monthly submission. Make sure it is your best work folks! Please be patient for a reply. We get a lot of submissions daily. Average respond time is between 3-4 weeks.

Please make subject line read the following:

"NRW Music Submission" for music submissions.

"NRW Artwork Submission" for artwork submissions.

Submission form

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Real Name
The name you use when performing/ making your music. ;)
If submitting art, please type "ARTWORK" in the box.
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