DJ Ten - K. Thallium Theme

Driving bright pad stabs introduce the track with an intro of hands-in-the-air euphoric synth jabs, expanding to fill the space in the far off distance. The analog-sequence-workout keep the pace, pulsating-slickly programmed drums riding alongside them with the smashed kick drum, sharp edges to create a four-on-the-floor melter.

The melodic hook lies in the returning pad theme, an iconic sound that releases all the right endorphins, but serenity does not last long as the lead lines devolve into a grinding synth excursion, an undercurrent sub bass and slow driving beat keeping the journey on track.

The drums truly let loose on the auditory canal as playful melodies are pitched, processed, chopped, screwed amongst the modular shots. A mash-up of Retro-Electronic genres with warm trident 80’s synths and fat Juno sequences, poly pads and action-packed leads rising to meet the animated arpeggios chasing you through the synthwave sunset.