Grum – ‘Power’

The perfect anthem to your 80’s infused work out. The right tempo and mood to get your blood pumping whilst also lyrically apt for the occasion. Chopped vocal samples repeat in a mantra ‘The music is the power’ to inspire you to both go and to push yourself further. A stammering arp lighting the way through the stop-start-pause-begin-stop-go structure. The pauses have the most impact, the music momentarily clipped before blasting in again.

‘Power’ changes direction every 8 bars as something new is introduced, dropped in favor of an original synth, an original sequence, an original beat. The synth-funk lick is a monophonic monster, a retro-electro meets Italo-disco anthem full of dirty, tense and spectral timbres, dark drum beats, sullied analog sequences, filthy basslines, and eerie harsh vocals.