Miami Nights 1984 – MN84 Theme

As you listen to the sounds of Miami Nights 1984 you are convinced you are watching a film from the 80’s.

MN84 is a short intro track, the opening scene of a movie with menace and promise and hope - a journey through pink neon lights glossing over the cracked concrete, the dirt and fumes of the streets rising up to the luminescent sky.

A synthesized Xylophone effect stirs up tubular bells, lush Juno sequences and dreamy keys meander into a late night groove. The cinematic melodics, uplifting pads, outrun Arps, poly-driven pads all blend to create eerie and tense sequences.

The late-night leads make you feel what it is to cruise downtown LA three decades too late.

More than anything it sounds like the opening to an 80’s buddy cop movie that was never made but you’d give anything to see.