NINA - Beyond Memory

A juttering synth loop drives the entire song with a propulsive rhythm, sparse instrumentation added intermittently, the odd dissolving chord stab, ricocheting snare hit, with nothing else required.

Nina’s cool as ice voice enters and the spine is set to tingle, chills initiate as it finds its groove, loaded with gritty drum hits and a steady backbeat.

The chorus’s iconic melody carries you the rest of the way through the track and you yourself with carry it around with you for the rest of the day, feeling like this itching tag you can’t rip out of your shirt, it suits you like a symptom and you’re happy to own it.

The pulsating rhythm ensures it never loses momentum, blood feeling like caffeine to the pumping arpeggios, a treasure trove of outrun-styled melodics, poly pads, and overdriven leads.

Warm juno chords, glassy FM stabs and ethereal chimes adding that extra melodic-mineral warmth.

Nina really gets to the beating heart of what the 80’s were about and delivers a song that is a vivisection of a decade.