Daniel Deluxe – Breakout

A tang of kerosene, a lullaby of carbon monoxide, the engine starts, lights rotating around the city in urgent slow motions, scattered neon colors the landscape.
Ambition, heroism, action, catastrophe…

Like an alternative reality where the opening song to the Drive soundtrack is scored by Justice and Daft Punk, all twisted through a broken VHS, we have Daniel Deluxe’s pulsating ‘Breakout’
A hook forms in the stuttering bassline, crunching lead lines join the assault to propel you forward deeper into the song, into your journey.

The arps given added warmth and detail, all oozing retro credibility, a sound leering over the night. Classic kicks, claps, snares, hats and percussion a juggernaut rhythm. The song resembles a race, a chase, the sunset coming too fast, feeling dangerous and vexed, will you escape the city? Make it out alive?

Original, fresh, yet soothingly you feel acquainted to the song.
A thought that maybe you know it.
Maybe not.