Kristine - Radio

Opening with a cassette’s crackling tape- an authentic nostalgic vibe set from the start- the soft warm pad complements the dusky soundscape before the husk of Kristine’s voice splits all the noise straight down the middle. It separates out all other sounds making her presence the only thing to concern yourself with.
Urgent, sexy, restrained.

A simple repeated picked guitar with fizzing chorus chords, retro styled grooves, loose gated fills, rich analogue goodness in the way of fizzing synth leads, exquisite arps, bold bass, lush pads all coming together for the riotous chorus which will leave you screaming for more.
We are in the now living presently but on borrowed time.

The past.
The present.
The future.

The three entities wink and beckon to each other without ever merging. It sounds as though Kristine has broken then reassembled the sounds of the 80’s, carefully and artfully harmonized the sound to capture something is beyond you.
Her own Power ballad, her anthem ‘The summer of 84’…