Galba V - Shotgun For Infinity

You may feel lost but it’s okay. You were never there in the first place.

Under a neon skyline the city exists as the colours gun-metal and indigo. Pixelated screens decorate the sides of building, adverts running across the surface. Architecture of freebasing television.

Entering the club; a place where the music is a soundtrack to your clothes. Everyone wears a mixture of denim and nicotine.

The music starts viscous and romantic. It sounds like a band from the year 2049 is covering songs from the 80’s. The probing bass synth is there, the hands in the air chords stabs, echoed drum beats.

Starting with a stuttering pad the track slowly reveals itself, a rising stab builds with subtle momentum, gathering and building as a phased filter leads to the kick drum and the pace of the song is set.

A mission; should you chose to accept it. The chorus glorious with euphoric synths, muscular bassline, volume rising and falling to each breath, to pull you in and push you away.

Why are we here? Because you couldn’t be there.

Don’t be afraid of the future, it’s the past that didn’t last.

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