Nightcrawler - Genesis (feat. Dana Jean Phoenix)

Like a song has been produced and then filtered through a lazy VHS tape, the retro vibe is spot on throughout, synth pop, retro-electro and 80's computer-funk, wobbling brooding synths, light chord stabs, melancholy and lost.

Sharp vocals echo, ping in and out, receding quickly with a gated reverb. Comforting harmonies join in the bridge with the stabby bass fueling the bodies movement, gives the song an addictive bounce. Plucky synths enter and the vocal line comes to life for the chorus and truly punches with glamour, hits of nostalgia of random glossy celebrity images from both the past and present. Rushing in as ill-formed snapshots, scattered poignantly out of sequence, some thrown to the wind.

This song is either from three decades in front or behind us, and I can’t decide which.