MK Ultra- Tears in the Rain

Now brace yourself: there is a possibility we’re living in a super advanced videogame. How do you know it’s not 30 years in the future now and we aren’t all bent in some interstellar time loop where the past is the future, that we didn’t go through a black hole and end up here in the nostalgic present?

UK Ultra ‘Tear’s in the rain’ (a timely Blade Runner reference)has the driving bass,  the hook of a lead line, the fluttering synth pads you desire. The bass dares to stay stuck in one position, trapped in the heat of its own momentum until it builds to a rise, a terminator-esque saw synth escalating the drama, stuck in awe, a ricocheting snare and mean arp cascade inwards.

It does not have to be so easy to abbreviate a genre, it has all you expect but also something more. You can explore seamlessly in phenomenal detail every little sound and crushed electronic tone, hearing at each point exactly what you need to hear. The universe is pixelated—in time, space, volume, energy and most importantly sound.