Paradise Walk – ‘Summer Heat’

Borrowed from some film, some imagination, slipping its way into your reality, you feel like you are in the scene; an American high school, fluorescent dreams occur on the streets, clichés so heavy and beautiful as to be irresistible.
A car flashes by riding on radio waves, carried by the bass and treble, the warm glistening pads. The song accompanies the scene of awe-struck infatuation, forever fashionable. Taken to a different time, an odd sensation like malaria, caught in the same daze, the same tangent as your past self.
The vocal line opens your heart up to romance, listening to it feels like neither a one night stand nor a last stand, defying categorization, the revisit means nostalgia with glamour and melancholy. All layered in the act of listening, something romantic, more romantic than the original thing. Feeling reckless, for good or bad.
Familiar, like bumping into an old friend you can’t quite place, ‘Do you think we’ve met? I wonder where? I wonder what was said…’