FM Attack – Dreamer

The retro-infused dreamwavers FM Attack unleash their distinctly old school stylings into the worlds domain, serving up expertly merged elements of synth pop, day-glo-electronica and sun-soaked synthwave.

The repeated synth riff circles in rich tones, sustained by washed out chimes and bleached pads. The vocal line is hushed, said, rather than sung, right in the centre of the mix is just the right level of soulful-dulcet as it is infused with the bright tones that surround it.

Taking aesthetic cues from the genre and mixing in degraded blissed-out melodic patterns of 80s electro pop, sparse percussion, low-slung plucked bass and laid-back leads. You become lost in a world of hazy summer nights a few thousand miles away and a decade to late.

FM Attack craft a synthwave anthem with their assortment of modular synths and expertly processed curated sounds.