Synthwave In November at the Globe Theatre

On Saturday, November 18, 2017, two unsigned artists performed to a completely sold out crowd at the Globe Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles. Synthwave fans from all over the world stood in a line that wrapped around the entire block to witness only the second ever in concert performance of The Midnight and FM-84.


Doors opened shortly after 9 PM where the stage was already set for the Globe to become the center of nostalgia for the night. Opening with a bang, FM-84 had clearly put careful thought into the tracklist for the night. Each track changed the mood, tossing the audience left and right with a synth assault that the LA synthwave scene will always remember. This set was of course accompanied by a fiery performance from Ollie Wride who almost single-handedly cultivated the entire crowd and the extremely talented Chris Huggett on guitar. Finishing with “Running in the Night”, the FM-84 set was truly an unforgettable experience.

After thunderous applause, FM-84 was replaced on stage by Tim McEwan and Tyler Lyle of The Midnight, prompting an equally as excited reaction from the crowd. There really is a magical chemistry between these two groups that makes them the perfect match up for a single concert. The Midnight proceeded to nail all of the tracks that we wanted to hear. The crowd was utterly in awe of Jesse Molloy and his mastery of the saxophone during “Vampires” and “Crystalline”. The performance, of course, wouldn’t have been complete without the appearance of Nikki Flores, sounding great on tracks from Nocturnal.

            All in all, a better show couldn’t have been put on by anyone else. If nothing else, this particular concert showed that independent music can be a force to be reckoned with and we simply can’t wait for where these two will perform next. We’ll be there.


Article was edited 12/1/2017 at 11:58am to correct the live saxophonist. It was Jesse Molloy who performed live. Thomas Edinger performed on the albums. Correction made by Boback Shahsafdari.