Rain Sword - Heart of Light

Rain Sword recreates the nostalgia of a time he was never able to live in, making music using only hardware and synthesizers that are from the 80's … so we’re going to go ahead and take him seriously.

You cut this man and bleeds the 80’s.

The gentle arp tugs you in, simple, addictive, memorable, looping on and on, all the sound is filtered rising up, a drum break that snaps to a rhythm, a cow bell, a reverbed hand clap. The lead line bursts and expands into the space accompanied by a few sparse stabs on the pads. The bass metallic and punchy. A wonderful journey, light and full of air, full of possibilities…

Take the ride back to the 80's with Rain Sword and enjoy the synthesized sounds- emotive, atmospheric, anthemic. The vintage synth-laden fusion of Moroder melodics, spine-prickling arpeggios, the sound that defines a decade.