Split Second (1992)

It’s been years after the warnings of Global Warming have gone public and ignorantly ignored. Split Second takes place after this unfortunate occurrence, when the atmosphere is so saturated with pollutants that the days seem like nights and the nights last forever. The river Thames is rising to record numbers and streets are flooded with, at times, shin deep water levels.

           Rutger Hauer stars as the hard nosed cop named Harley Stone a burnt out, anti-social, misanthropic, chain smoking, chocolate eating, detective who is out on the hunt for a serial killer that he is convinced is responsible for his partners murder.

           The killer is never seen by witnesses because, there are never any witnesses. The victims are often found with multiple lacerations leading the authorities to believe this is just a random string of animal attacks or some cult. Other wounds included: missing organs and often times the heart is removed from the victim's chest, supporting the authorities assumptions.

           Dick Durkin is a rookie officer assigned to partner Stone in his investigations. Durkin is optimistic and “by the book”. It’s a corrosive partnership at first but, with time and further ventures down the rabbit hole, becomes a wisecracking buddy cop story.

           Also starring in this film is Kim Cattrall (Sex in the City, Porky’s) as the widow of Stone’s late partner; the obvious love interest of our protagonist.


           Split Second was an actual theatrical release and not a straight to VHS blip at the video store. I remember seeing this at the Newport Mall’s Cineplex in New Jersey. Couldn’t tell you if I was the only one there, there could’ve been more people watching too. Can’t remember but, I do remember liking it as I watched it and at times will re-watch it again. Yeah, it’s cheesy, a lil’ low budget and ham handed but, it works. It doesn’t have to be the yawn inducing CGI bukkake fest that is today’s films.

The main villain’s design could’ve been executed a lot better thou. I guess the designers were lazy and just figured they make a more humanoid version of the alien creature with teeth from “The Ghoulies” and “Terminator” sunglasses… I’m not kidding. However, you never really get a good look at the killer so the vibe is not ruined.

And this film is all about vibe and pacing. It resembles the same production values of the cult classic “Forever Knight” series.

All in all, this is your Retro Movie of the new year of our lord 2016’. There will be more to come and more memories to resurface. Just strap in, jack in, load up and keep your finger on that rewind button.