Prayer of the Rollerboys (1990)

Directed by Rich King and starring: Corey Haim (The Lost Boys, Dream A Little Dream, Silver Bullet, License to Drive, Lucas, First Born, Watchers) Patricia Arquette (Boyhood, Nightmare on Elm Street 3, True Romance, Lost Highway, Flirting with Disaster), Christopher Collet ( First Born, The Manhattan Project), Julius Harris (Live & Let Die).


    This movie might as well had been a sequel to Troma's "Surf Nazi's Must Die". A post apocalyptic Los Angeles after some kind of Alex Jones' type economical collapse. The city is overrun with crime and junky trash. Only difference between this film and that one is, instead of the nazi's fighting for control of the waves, the rollerboys are waging war on the streets... wearing rollerblades.


    Corey Haim plays Griffith, just an ordinary pizza delivery boy. Yes, even in the wake of an economic collapse, pizza will still find you in fifteen minutes or less. After his brother become enamored by the Rollerboys and starts abusing the hot new drug on the streets "Mist", Griffith is convinced by an undercover cop (Arquette) to infiltrate the gang. Once inside, Griffith quickly earns the trust of the group leader played by Collet; who happens to be a childhood friend of Griffith. Eventually he begins to lose himself this role he is playing and is coerced into beating his friend and mentor "Speedbagger" during a gang activity... As the story progresses we learn more and more about the truly nefarious intentions of the rollerboys... Please pour me some lemonade.


    This movie was released in November 1990 and earned two Saturn Award nominations: Best Performance by a Young Actor and Best Science Fiction Film.

    Basic Perks of the movie is seeing a young Patricia Arquette and a plot that isn't really that bad. Just imagine Gleaming the Cube had a baby with American History X.


    So strap the hell in and watch this film as I try to chew on some hospital food. Keep up the PMA but  always keep your fingers on that Rewind button.


 Prayer Of The Rollerboys