Freaked (1993)

directed by Alex Winter & Tom Stern

"The funniest movie in years". - John Kricfalusi, the creator of The Ren & Stimpy Show

    It's a new year and once again a rare occasion to review one of my all-time favorite films from long ago. Happy 2015!

    Alex Winter nowadays isn't as well known as he once was, having transitioned full-time to being behind the camera. But way back when, he was famous as being one half of the classic stoner duo of Bill & Ted. 
    Shortly after "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey" Alex produced, wrote and starred in the short-lived MTV series "The Idiot Box" with collaborator Tom Stern. The Idiot Box lasted only six episodes but what came after is something truly special and worth remembering.

    FREAKED was originally meant to be a low-budget horror film featuring the Butthole Surfers but after a number of rewrites became one of the most underrated black comedies ever.
Starring Winters as Ricky Coogin a washed up and grown-up child actor who is one step closer to auditioning for a gay for pay site than he is a major studio production. The film begins during the taping of a daytime talk show hosted by Skye Daley (Brooke Shields) where Ricky Coogin is about to disclose his harrowing and near-death experiences with the diabolical mega-corporate slim that run E.E.S. (The Everything Except Shoes Corporation). 
Co-starring: Michael Stoyanov (Blossom), Megan Ward (Dark Skies, PCU), John Hawkes (Eastbound & Down, Deadwood), Randy Quaid (Christmas Vacation, The Wraith), MR.T (A-Team), Bobcat Goldthwait (Police Academy, Shakes the Clown), Lee Arenberg (Tales From The Crypt), Derek McGrath (My Secret Identity, Cheers), William Sandler (Bogus Journey, Iron Man 3), Paul Lynde's skeleton and Keanu Reeves in an uncredited role as Ortiz the Dog Boy.
The films style is very similar to its predecessor The Idiot Box and shares a group of the actors minus Ricki Lake. 

It is the true story of triumph over mediocrity and self-obsession. It's the holiday classic for all time. It's that damn funny and screwed up and deserves to be pinned to your wall next to your posters of "Freddy Got Fingered","The Breaks", your high school science teacher and that dame that kicked you in the shins in elementary. 

*All details of this film plot have been withheld in order to preserve the viewing audiences experience and natural groans (of joy). Included are portuguese subtitles for the UFC impaired.  

The score was composed by Kevin Kiner, with additional music by Paul Leary and Butthole Surfers, and Blind Idiot God. Additional music by Henry Rollins, Parliament Funkadelic w. Bill Laswell and Bald Bill Hagan and His Trocaderons.

Follow the mcaroons and the machete on that rewind button.

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