Vahşi Kan (Rampage, 1983)

Think I couldn’t get any more obscure with my picks. Just hold we’re going home. Back above ground and out of the spotlight. Here I am full time, riding the nostalgic wave of mutilation. I’m back with a bang and presenting this month’s Retro Movie of the Month – Vahsi Kan (Rampage) the 1983 Turkish reimagining, and in most points of view ripping off, of the Sylvester Stallone classic First Blood. 

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The Lost Arcade

Foreword: This review is being written from the deep underground in the bowels of Otto’s Taco’s east village. The coordinates have been erased and the directions crossed over with black markers…

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Movie ReviewSam HaiNe
The Heavenly Kid (1985)

It’s getting hotter outside and nights quieter before the storm of libations and BBQ’s. Nothing beats the impatience of summer like an easy and fun movie to meditate with and laugh a little. I mean it’s been a stressful few months since November and we can all use a little laughter and light heartedness.

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Sam HaiNe