Grab your white satin scorpion jacket, turn the ignition on your red Testarossa and drive yourself to the Synthwave event of the Summer.  A Retrowave/Outrun/Synthwave music Festival taking place in the heart of London Saturday 28th July.

Live performances from the powerful Waveshaper! NINA, Vincenzo Salvia, Iversen, VHS Dreams, Maethelvin, Duett, The Department.

Expect pumping arpeggios, warm Juno chords, glossy FM poly pads, overdriven leads, dark brooding synthscapes, analogue synth stabs, ethereal chimes, 80’s inspired visuals and synth-sentric pop sensibilities.

In essence a whole treasure trove of outrun-styled synthwave melodics firing their way to you. Featuring some of the best up and coming and established artists the genre has to offer.

This promises to be an event that no Retrowave/Synthwave/Outrun fan is going to want to miss.