Vampire Hunter D is Coming to Book Shelves

The classic Vampire Hunter D is set to launch a comic book series. The only thing that’s missing is your help.

Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars will the first graphic novel adaptation of the Vampire Hunter D universe and an illustrated adaptation of a short story by the franchise creator Hideyuki Kikuchi. There is only one day left to contribute to this project and well if they kickstarter proposal is a hint of what’s the come well then we are all in for a treat.

As with every other Kickstarter campaign, there will be incentives to donating to the cause. Be sure to click on the link and see what the production is offering and sink your teeth into your wallets and sacrifice if you like. If you don’t then that’s also okay. But, be on alert and vigilant for when this beauty is released and invades your local comic book retailers’ shelves.

I am definitely looking forward to this. 

Kickstarter LINK :