Remember This… Tag Team (1991) The series that never happened.

        Roddy Piper has become a favorite wrestler to many a people who never seen him when he was active. Its all good. The memes are welcomed. The R.I.P.s are necessary. Rowdy Roddy Piper is a pop culture icon. He is everything that is opposite about what Jesse Ventura has become.


            In 1991, styles were changing. Fashion was changing. Careers were rising and falling. A lot of people who may had starred at your local grindhouse were clawing their way across the floor by any means necessary on the downward slope into straight to video limbo.


Roddy Piper was on this course with no seat belts and no airbags; he didnt need any. Jesse Ventura wasnt doing much of anything. Remember this was before his venture into politics. Ha Venturas venture.


In 1991, the two former professional wrestlers co-starred in a pilot for a new television series about, well, two professional wrestlers who become unemployed and decide to join the local police force. Sounds like the premise for an 80s comedy or a cross between Chips and Police Academy. The concept was weak and the writing was ehh. It was a lighter shade of trash but, it could be really funny to look at today, as a novelty.

So heres the rundown on this one and only episode of the show that no one watched.


Tricky Rick MacDonald and Billy the Body Youngblood are two of the best wrestlers in the country (sound familiar). After being told to take a dive under threat of blackmail, they refuse to lose and are immediately kicked to the curb faster than Hulkamania. Too Legit to Quit, I guess.  Now they are out of work and swolled up. No job will hire them. The bills are stacking up in their pleasant apartment. Its looking tough.


However, after thwarting a robbery, they put their heads together and decide to become cops. Now they can stop crime, clean the streets, serve the community and bodyslam crims.

So look for some light humor. Look for funny faces. Look for oddball coincidences. Look for that inevitable freeze frame. And remember to put your hands up, walk slowly and put your finger on that rewind button. 


R.I.P. Hot Rod.