Wasteland is Coming

Hey Retro Lovers,

NRW and Scytron Ent. is proud to present an upcoming film that is sure to blow your socks off!  Before we say any more, please check out the teaser below!

This is sure to be an awesome production. The only thing needed here is a fitting retro sound for the "Wasteland" soundtrack.


Wasteland: Tales from the Desert, Pt. 1" is the first installment of the upcoming feature-length sci-fi film "Tales from the Desert", a film showcasing five interconnected stories on a brutal desert dystopia known only as the Wasteland. Toxic cosmic rays bombard a haggard landscape where everyday folk struggle to eke out a living. Outlaws run amok in search of wealth, fame, or a way off of the violent world. Sky Marshals patrol the deserts with an iron fist, laboring to keep law and order for an aristocracy living on a moon high above. In a world of grit and despair, does anything ever change?


Wes and Aubrey, two nomadic outlaws on a secret mission in the desert Wasteland, uncover a mysterious object worth more than either of them has ever known. They soon end up in a life-or-death stand-off over it, a stand-off made more complicated by the arrival of a rifle-toting stranger by the name of Edson Laramie. Who will leave the Wasteland alive?

"The film is a short derived from a feature-length film script. The short will be used to raise further investment money to produce the full feature."


For all the retro producers out there. We need your submissions to make this soundtrack a success. Specifically the darkwave and cyberpunk specialists. If you guys reading are interested, please submit your songs to us directly at the following email:


 Please make the subject line read: 

"Wasteland Movie Soundtrack Submission"

We are accepting all artists at this point in time and working with" Gray Day Films" to find suitable artists to contribute to the soundtrack.




- Stay Retro