CANNON Films Tribute and more at Lincoln Center


            BREAKING NEWS: I really wish I knew of these screenings earlier this week to give you all a better heads up. But, If you happen to live in the New York Tri-state area and looking for the ideal date night activity weekend... Well this could the answer to your problems.


            "The 15th edition of Film Comment magazine’s essential, eclectic festival brings you a lineup of the coming soon and the never-coming-back, the rare and the rediscovered, the unclassifiable and the underrated. This year opens with Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films, a hilarious tell-all oral history of the exploits of schlockmeisters Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus in ’80s Hollywood, followed by a three-film retrospective of some of their greatest hits."  -  Film Society Lincoln Center


Friday February 20th 2015:



       Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films
Mark Hartley | 2014 | DCP | 106 mins
Opening Night preceded by a cocktail reception open to all ticket holders!
Q&A with director Mark Hartley, actresses Catherine Mary Stewart & Robin Sherwood, and Superman IV screenwriter Mark Rosenthal
This off-the-charts hilarious piece of film history is an instant classic thrill ride that recounts the taste-challenged exploits of Israeli producers Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus, who stormed Hollywood in the early ’80s, to produce epic amounts of schlock.

            Friday, February 20th. Start time 8:30pm


       Ninja III: The Domination
Sam Firstenberg | 1984 | 35mm | 95 mins
An action-packed but cut-price cult classic, featuring arguably one of the Go-Go Boys’ most ludicrous plots—an aerobics instructor and telephone repair woman is intermittently possessed by the spirit of a Black Ninja who uses her to exact bloody revenge on the cops who killed him—Ninja III: the Domination marks the ne plus ultra culmination of Cannon’s Ninja martial-arts obsession.
Friday, February 20


February 21, 2015

       The Last American Virgin
Boaz Davidson | 1982 | 35mm | 92 mins
An early Cannon hit, this leering but ultimately surprisingly serious-minded teen sex comedy is a mash-up of Porky’s and Fast Times at Ridgemont High with a trio of suburban L.A. youths chasing girls and competing for the attentions of a cute transfer student
Saturday, February 21


       10 to Midnight
J. Lee Thompson | 1983 | 35mm | 101 mins
In the second of six films Charles Bronson would make with Cannon, he plays an LAPD detective fired for planting evidence on a serial killer who murders in the nude—and when his daughter becomes the next target in the ensuing grudge match, it’s a case of “Forget what’s legal, do what’s right!” as the film’s tagline went
Saturday, February 21


       Shock Value: The Movie—How Dan O’Bannon and Some USC Outsiders Helped Invent Modern Horror
John Carpenter | Dan O'Bannon | Terence Winkless | Alec Lorimore | Charles Adair | 2014 | DCP | 80 mins
Presented by USC archivist Dino Everett & author Jason Zinoman
For this unique feature-length compilation, archivist Dino Everett has assembled the student-film work of Dan O’Bannon, John Carpenter, and others who helped redefine the horror genre in the ’70s, to demonstrate that USC was a hotbed of genre filmmaking.
Saturday, February 21


February 22, 2015

       Gremlins (Preview Cut)
Joe Dante | 1984 | 35mm | 112 mins
A rare screening of the test preview cut of Joe Dante’s scary-funny Christmas from Hell creature-feature classic that includes five additional minutes.
Sunday, February 22



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