Presenting...Scytron Entertainment

Logo created by Blood+Chrome

Logo created by Blood+Chrome

Hello Retro Lovers,

You may have seen a few links of Scytron starting to pop up on our site and on our YouTube videos. Well we would now like to reveal to you guys what Scytron actually is!

Scytron is  a hub that will host the best in independent films/ documentaries and shorts that are influenced and inspired by the 80's era and the growing Retrowave scene. We want to give film makers as much exposure and love as the musicians who contribute to making this scene so EPIC!!

We are still in process making the website for Scytron which should be ready soon. In the meantime we have launched the official YouTube page which is featuring an EPIC movie short called RAGE. A sci-fi/ action movie packed with an amazing soundtrack by many SOLID acts in the scene! RAGE is available for full streaming on the Scytron Youtube page! Check it out below!

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We will have some amazing movies to host for you guy to watch as well as amazing features once the site is done. All for FREE streaming. 

The EPIC Scytron logo was created by Blood+Chrome. His work is amazing. Make sure to check it out!

Stay tuned for more updates!