“Remember This… Freddy’s Nightmares” (1988 - 1990)

                Do you remember this gem? Does anyone remember this short lived series based on the Wes Craven horror franchise? Well I do. And it was awesome.


                Freddy's Nightmares: A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Series was an anthology series featuring different individual stories; each episode being a two-tier story, with the second half focusing on a character that played a minor role in the previous role. The shows host and sometimes episodic antagonist was Freddy Krueger. Hed appear like other horror anthology hosts, supplying short monologues, puns and hints at the nights story.


                The pilot episode was directed by Tobe Hooper, and begins with Freddy Krueger's prosecution on child-murdering charges ending in a mistrial due to the discovery that his arresting officer did not read Freddy his Miranda rights. A mob of parents eventually corners Freddy in a boiler room (his workplace), leading to him being torched by the police officer, dying and gaining his familiar visage.


            Some of the featured actors who went on to later become notable were: Robin Antin (The Pussycat Dolls), Morris Chestnut, Mariska Hargitay, Eva LaRue, Phill Lewis, John Cameron Mitchell, Bill Moseley, Lori Petty, Brad Pitt. Other notable guest stars featured in the series were: Timothy Bottoms, Jeffrey Combs, Jeff Conaway, Mary Crosby, Ellen Albertini Dow, Tony Dow, Diane Franklin, Richard Gautier, Tamara Glynn, Bob Goen, Tiffany Helm, Joyce Hyser, David Lander, George Lazenby, Lar Park Lincoln, Dick Miller, Susan Oliver, Jay Thomas, Tracey Walter, Jill Whitlow and more.


            There has never been a DVD release of the series apart from two episodes being included on a Nightmare on Elm Street Blu-Ray collection in 2011.


            NBCs Chiller network at one time aired short marathons of the series but stopped in 2011. However, EL REY network has acquired the rights to the series in 2015.