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    Thanks for your feedback, Irvy!

    There’s not actually any guitars in this. It’s all synths! I combined a couple of patches I made so that one sounds like the picking of muted strings and the other sounds like strumming (you can hear the picking patch singled out when the vocals first come in). To get the guitar feel I had to use a hell of a lot of distortion and also hit this track pretty damn hard with a soft clipper on the mixbus. I made sacrifices to get the guitar feel right and have that as the main instrumental focus (loss of the punch in the drums as one example). I’m a guitarist myself so I mixed this one like a lot of people would mix a Rock/Metal song – with the guitars (guitar style synths in this case) the loudest.

    I’m not sure what you mean about a lead synth though? The guitar style synths are the lead of the whole track in my head. Do you mean the arpeggiated synth? If so, that’s really not meant to be prominent in the mix and instead just something that comes and goes but sits underneath the whole time adding a little bit of movement to compliment the guitar style synths.

    And about it sounding messy – I would agree to some extent. It’s one of the least clean mixes I’ve done in the past few years. But at the same time, it’s kinda on purpose, although there are for sure ways in which it could be improved. Using a soft clipper so strongly on the mixbus is part of the mess. But it was a mess I kinda enjoyed if that makes sense? 😛

    Thanks for your feedback though. I appreciate it 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)